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Jewellery connects you to the most important things in life.  To your loved ones and precious memories, to Nature and your spirit, and to your wildest dreams. 

It is such a personal and meaningful part of your identity, I love to hear more about why a piece connects with you!  And if you're having trouble choosing a piece for someone else, then feel feel to drop me a line; I'd be happy to help find the perfect piece for that special someone.

You can email me at info@catstaceyjewellery.com or use the form below to send me a message or add your name to hear the latest exclusive updates direct to your inbox.

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I hang out mostly on instagram where I share updates and peeks behind the scenes of my jewellery journey.  I also share a little of my day-to-day family life with an energetic toddler here in Cornwall as these two parts of my life are so closely intertwined. 

Follow me for a daily (ish) dose of down to earth updates, with mouth-watering jewellery temptations and beautiful Cornish scenes.