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Gift Guides

Gift buying can so easily become a chore when you're tight on time, resources, or inspiration.  But when we can begin to enjoy the process we invariably give more meaningful and thoughtful gifts.  So I've created these guides to help take some of the guess-work and stress out of choosing a gift, and narrow the choice down for you.

And remember, if you aim and miss, I do have a returns policy - click here for more details - I'd rather swap it for something else than it sit unworn and unloved at the bottom of a jewellery box.

I'm always here to help you choose too - just message me and we can have a chat and work it out together.  I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just send me a message here.


but first...

take a moment to think about the person you're choosing for and consider these questions

- are they active?  An outdoorsy person?  They might benefit from more hard-wearing and minimal pieces that won't catch or snag.  Perhaps try the minimal gift guide first.

- do you know what jewellery they wear usually?  Does it change or always the same piece(s)?  Is it colourful?  Do they like pearls?  Do they prefer just silver or gold, or perhaps a mix?

- do they prefer to dress casually, and/or do they love dressing for an occasion?  

- are they spiritual?  Do they find value in the metaphysical properties of gemstones?  If so, is there a particular 'vibe' you want to impart with your gift?  Love, healing, energy, protection, etc?

- have they gone through any major life events recently?  Is there a new baby to celebrate, or a bereavement to tend to, or a new beginning to embrace?  Perhaps circle back to my collections here where you'll find pieces to honour these milestones of our lives.

Have fun browsing and choosing, just tap the links below to get started!


Small Gifts


Colour Lovers

hammered silver stacking ring texture worn on middle finger
handmade silver stacking colourful gemstone rings with amethyst, amazonite, garnet and carnelian
hammered silver circle orbit hollow pebble studs on ceramic dish and grey silk

Everything about this purchase was right, from the delicate design to the service and the presentation.  I'm absolutely thrilled with my earrings!

Dana, Maidenhead, UK

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