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Day 2 of #marchmeetthemaker : Where

I'm in Cornwall (UK), near Falmouth. I've lived here for just over 12 years I think it is and it's now very much my home. I grew up in the Cotswolds which I also love with all my heart, so I've been pretty lucky to live in such beautiful areas! I moved here to study a BA & MA in Photography at Falmouth University, which were some of the best and most formative years of my life.

There's something special about living near the water and to be able to look out on open sea. It's so liberating and good for the soul! You're never far away from some kind of moving water here. There's so many streams and estuaries and rivers, even my desk at work is right next to a big sash window overlooking Falmouth Harbour. I'm a very lucky gal and every day I look at these views and drink them in - I've never once got bored of it and never will 💙

This photo is at Cape Cornwall, one of my favourite walks to enjoy the rugged landscape - it is stunning, whatever the weather. In fact, I think I prefer it in the wind and rain 🌧️

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