"March Meet The Maker" - social media series

So this is me! I'm taking part in #marchmeetthemaker for the first time this year. It's a great series of prompts and brainchild of Joanne Hawker, a fabulous illustrator. She founded this series that has taken off on social media in a big way, and its a great way of getting to know the real person behind the business, pull the creative community together, and to find lots of new pages in the process! 

Follow the fun on instagram (many of us are also sharing to our Facebook pages too). 

I've had good intentions before to take part but never quite plucked up the courage! There's a prompt for every day of the month, to show the person & life behind the business.

First prompt: *You*

This was me last Autumn when I was feeling great after a new hair cut. I usually hate taking selfies and feel really pose-y and self conscious, but every now and then it works out when I'm feeling confident in myself and I magically don't end up pulling some weird face! ;)

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