Day 5 of #marchmeetthemaker : Photography

So... I have a terrible confession to make. Despite having both a BA (1st Class Honour) and an MA in Photography, the product photography side of my jewellery business is my LEAST favourite part!! 😳🙈 I never liked studio photography when I was at Uni - I was more of a "walk through the woodlands and see what little moments I stumbled across" kinda gal. And doing soundscapes, and videos and installations and slightly more unconventional things like that. Setting up shoots - and more specifically, getting my house-style - has always been something that has caused me great amounts of stress, time, more time, and a bit more time again. I've photographed everything only to change my mind about the style of shooting (background colour/textures mainly), and have to re-shoot everything all over again. And then do it again when I next changed my mind, and again, etc etc - you get the picture! It's only in the last year that I have finally found a style that suits me, my jewellery, and my branding, all of which - thank god - I am starting to enjoy a bit more! I am also awaiting my first PhotoboardsHQ background to arrive any day now which is really exciting and should help add to my photography set up! So here's a little shot of my humble little set-up by our back door where I can make the most of natural daylight. A big white sheet of card to reflect the light back in and create a smooth white background, a marble effect tile base, and my favourite props by Nkuku & Paddywax Candles with some dried flowers that moult everywhere each time I bring them out. All propped up on a very old stool my dad made donkeys years ago that's being held together by twine and love!! Pretty simple set-up really but does the trick and easy enough to put away in our tiny house when I'm not using it! 

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