Day 6 of #marchmeetthemaker : Workspace

Although I do have a perfectly good desk in the spare room where my computer is set up, has space for all my sundries, and is a space I don't have to clear every time we want to eat (or relax without looking at mounds of beads and tools and general jewellery-making chaos); it is however at the opposite end of the house to our main living space - i.e where I spend time with my husband when we're not at work. So I tend to hulk all my kit downstairs to here in the lounge where we can do our own things but still be around each other in our precious spare time outside of our jobs. I'd love to say it looks this tidy when I'm working (or in fact at any time of day), but I'm sure I'm not the only one that erupts into a sea of beads, wire, tools and boxes when I'm in the middle of a making session! 

One day I will have a PROPER desk, nicely to one side in the lounge that can happily be my dedicated space where I can spread out and that doesn't get in the way of our normal day-to-day life! #housegoals 

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