Day 10 of #marchmeetthemaker : Time to Relax

This is my 'go-to' for a quiet spot to relax or re-level myself if I feel a bit out of sorts. It's just around the corner from where I work, on Custom House Quay. There's some steps that drop you down to water level for getting on and off your tender and it looks out to this view.

As you're tucked away in this little corner with the harbour wall and steps sheltering you and looking out to this view, you feel so safe and like you're the only person there. The water laps up over the steps making the most delightful sounds, and you can look down into the deep blue-green water all around. The sound of the breeze makes a clack-clacking sound as the rigging taps against the masts. And there's just an overwhelming sense of peace which allows the release of tensions and anxieties. A miracle spot! 

Little factoid of the day: here on Custom House Quay there is what looks like a big brick chimney - it's called The King's Pipe and is where they used to incinerate contraband tobacco that was smuggled into Falmouth, back in the 19th Century. Falmouth used to be the 2nd biggest port in the country - second only to London. For 150 years in the 17th century Falmouth was where all the mail came in and out of the country. And it wasn't just postcards and letters on board the Packet Ships, they also transported vital & secret information from all four corners of the British Empire. The ships carried guns on board as a precautionary measure for pirates, but under strict instruction from the Royal Mail to be used only as self-defense.

At its peak, over 3000 ships a year passed through Falmouth, until the invention of the Steam Ships, which marked the end of Falmouth's time as the superhighway of the country.

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