Day 11 of #marchmeetthemaker : Branding

An ever-evolving part of the business, my branding gets more refined with experience and as my own sense of identity matures.

These are my current business cards which feature the basis of my branding; my initials - still quite new to me, as I got married just under 2 years ago.

My jewellery re-launch came shortly after that time and when I felt a new sense of who I was and who I wanted to be. Having been with my husband for 14 years before we got married, I never really thought it would change much. But it unexpectedly prompted a reassessment of my life and taking positive action to get the various aspects of daily life proportionate again (namely work life vs. home life), including making time for my jewellery again.

It was a scary time as it was a big change, not to mention financial risk, but it paid off. Using my new initials as my branding felt like an empowerment of who I was; in control and embracing the future.

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