Day 12 of #marchmeetthemaker : Postage & Packaging

I love packing up the little parcels to go off their new homes. I gift wrap every one, handwrite a little note on a postcard (like these fabulous ones by @katiekatiescott), and pop them in a jiffy bag to protect them on their journey.

I am a firm advocate of reusing as much materials as possible, so my jiffy bags are always recycled ones I've received (I pick out the ones in best nick of course!). These purple ones were fabulous, and made me want to buy them myself for sending jewellery out as they're so eyecatching and sturdy, they're absolutely perfect - apart from being made of plasticky materials, which I'm making a conscious effort to reduce.

Do you re-use jiffy bags etc, or do they tend to go in the bin? Is this first impression of packaging super-important, or do you not mind a re-used jiffy?

I've been thinking about having a rubber stamp made to say about the jiffy's and to encourage them to be reused again... Something else on the never-ending To Do List!! I'd love to know your thoughts! 

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