Day 24 of #marchmeetthemaker : Achievements

While I have lots of goals to aim for, its important to remind myself how far I've come since I picked my jewellery back up after a break under 2 years ago. It took a little while to get back into the rhythm of things and find my feet again after three years off where so much has changed.

But now I have a website I'm proud of and an Etsy site that is pretty well stocked and has a much more consistent 'look' with my product photography, which is something that has caused me no end of stress and countless hours of re-photographing/editing over & over & over...

So these are very tangible things that I can say Yes, I've Achieved it! ✔️

It's all too easy to have the big goals that you keep upgrading before you've ever reached them, so it feels like you never actually achieve them.

So here's to another year of ticking off lots more little goals that keep this little business of mine moving forward!

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