Day 7 of #marchmeetthemaker : Routine

This is a tricky one. I don't have a strict routine with my jewellery as I work full time, so my jewellery fits around that really, predominantly at the weekends.

I've always found it difficult to get a good (healthy) work/life balance, as I throw myself into my jobs and pour all my energy and headspace into it.

I've made a concerted effort (see previous post on day 3 of this series) to keep things in check now, and though it's not always easy, it's definitely much improved!

I try to make the time for myself, my family and of course my jewellery too. It's a constant juggling act, but I've found that it's good to make the most of the times when I'm inspired and motivated, and when I'm not feeling it so much, that's ok too.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to perform perfectly in every aspect of our lives, 24/7. Yes it's important to have routines and discipline, but also valuable to remember to let the pressure lift off sometimes and just allow ourselves to take opportunities as they naturally arise. Like this beautiful moment of sunshine in our staff room at work today. A moment of peace and beauty within an otherwise busy day, and a reminder to be present in the moment; not worrying about the past or the future, but just being here, right now, and it's pretty damn good.

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