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Day 9 of #marchmeetthemaker : How it's Made

Here's a series as a little insight into how a sheet of Brass evolves into a hammered teardrop shape for my new pendants!

First I saw out the rough teardrop shape, filing the edges to perfect the final shape and round off edges. (And looking at the pretty brass filings, obvs)

I peel back the protective green coating (sooo satisfying!) and drill the hole - after punching a dent to give a nice countersunk effect which also stops the drill skidding across the brass and scratching it.

I use a very very fine abrasive board to create a satin effect on the front of the pendant then hammer the face to add the stronger texture.

Lastly I can pick out the gemstones I want to feature, wire wrap them, and hang them from gold rings on a gold chain.

Et voila! A pendant is created :)

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