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Soul holder

Honouring a life - and body - well lived


After enjoying some Peony blooms one Spring in all their perfect, pert splendour, I was about to throw the wilted, crinkled petals away, when I noticed how beautiful they were in this 'past it' state.
The crinkles are so delicate and beautiful in their fineness. The petals were even more soft to the touch than before.


It reminded me of how this mirrors our own bodies. And our wrinkles and lines and lumpy bits. We're told to view them as ugly - we're 'past it' and old, and it's something to hide and improve despite this being a perfectly natural and normal transformation.  It is an insult to say that we "look our age".

Yet all these characteristics are a timeline of our lives. They tell stories of laughter and grief, of birth and nourishment, and our bodies are the vessels that house our souls and do so much for us.


Our bodies deserve love, no matter what shape or size they are, or whether our skin is tight and smooth, or wrinkly and lumpy.

Let's celebrate and honour our bodies and everything they do for us, and no matter what they look like! Our wrinkles are ours and a sign of a life well lived and loved.


This collection honours the perfectly imperfect textures and wrinkles, all beautifully unique, just like you and I.


Just what I needed! I ordered the big ones first, but decided that they look so good on my ears that the smallest one in my second 'hole' would pair beautifully. I'm over the moon!

Lynne, Gloucestershire UK

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