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The Vow

No grit, no pearl

Pearls are known and loved for their purity and elegance, but what attracts me most is what lies beneath the surface.  Pearls are formed by a tiny piece of grit, which the oyster coats in nacre to smooth this invasive irritant.  Layer upon layer, the pearl is 'grown' until it becomes the gleaming treasure we know and love.  But the grit remains beneath the surface, a necessary part of the process to create this symbol of good fortune, fertility, and the cycles of life.

When we make our weddings vows, we often make a promise to love one another for better or worse, in sickness and in health.  We accept each other for all that we are; afterall, if there's no grit, there's no pearl.

Make your vow - whether to someone else, or to yourself.  Love every part, both your grit and your gloss.

Keishi  Pearls

The Keishi pearl is a fabulously contemporary style, but retains the timeless understated elegance of pearls.  They are oozing in character and are so utterly unique; the larger size is flatter, and a little more akin to their occasional fond nickname of the ‘cornflake’ pearl. 

You'll find the smaller size are plump, nobbly nuggets that you just want to run your fingers over to delight in their exuberance in such a dainty size.  Both sizes are deliciously crinkly and tactile.

Coin  Pearls

The coin pearls are striking and sumptuous full-moons of iridescent ivory with a superb lustre.  They shimmer and seduce, and while they are more uniform in shape at a first glance, on a closer inspection they boast beautifully undulating surfaces, each one unique and each one breathtakingly beautiful as it catches the light.

The large size strikes a perfect balance between statement and elegant styling, and the smaller size are subtly understated whilst remaining a confident and unmissable part of the outfit.  In your hands their weight is akin to small round pebbles found at the beach, worn by the waves into smooth treasures you can't resist rubbing your fingers over like a worry stone inside your coat pocket.

Baroque  Pearls

Baroque pearls in essence straddle the line between the two other styles.  More uniform in shape than the keishi but more varied and smaller/plumper than the coin.

Baroque pearls are a popular choice for weddings and gifts, as they honour a nod to the traditional pearl jewellery that has been adored for generations, but stand proudly as a unique and contemporary evolution from this.  They have oodles of character and are available in both ivory and a stunning peacock purple (which ranges from grey-ish mauve to a midnight navy undertone with a subtle petrol-like iridescent hue over the top).


Absolutely gorgeous pendant - I'd planned to buy it for my wedding but a friend lent me hers (my 'something borrowed').

I liked the look of this one so much I decided to buy it for myself anyway as a post-wedding gift and I couldn't be happier with it.

I'd definitely buy from this shop again!

Rachel, London UK

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