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creator of keepsakes
marking life's chapters


Meaningful jewellery for multifaceted emotions

Life is never linear.

It takes us on a wild ride, shredding our nerves and breathing fire into our hearts.

Every moment - from intimate to earth shaking - shapes our very being.

Celebrate these twists and turns of life with my keepsakes, to be worn with truth and pride.

Tend to deepest desires & dark places.  Celebrate elations & moments of magic.

Cherish both sides, binding them deep into the metal.

Jewellery is a holder of magic. Life. Truth.

A potent keeper of energies.

A piece of YOU.

Don't  Miss  it...

cat at holywell beach Newquay Cornwall summer dunes


My jewellery journey started many years ago and continues to evolve as we weave our way through life's rich tapestry.

Read more about why I am so passionate about jewellery and the vital role it can have in our daily lives.

Brass birch leaf small necklace and earrings set, made in Cornwall


Browse my collections that mark the stories and chapters of our lives.


Celebrate the highs and honour the lows; every moment is an important chapter in our life stories.

designing jewellery ideas with notebook and coffee at the beach in Falmouth Cornwall


Delve into the inspiration behind new collections, peek behind the scenes at how my jewellery is made and tips on how to care for your jewellery.

Join me on this wonderful and wild roller coaster of life, love and creativity.

New Blog Post

How to quickly and easily polish your tarnished silver jewellery

Effortless and straight-forward tips on how to clean your silver jewellery if it's in need of a little TLC.  Just these few simple steps will ensure your jewellery looks beautiful for generations to come.




I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE THIS NECKLACE SO MUCH!  I wear it frequently and feel strong and powerful when I do, and I LOVE that it is handmade by a woman who runs her own business.  So, just in case you needed to hear this, know that what you make is powerfully loved and appreciated.  All the best to you, and much love for what you create <3 

Cassie, New Mexico, USA

I loved these pearl earrings the FIRST time I ordered a pair [previously customised for non-pierced ears).  So much that I wore them on vacation and lost one! Cat was kind enough to make a second pair for me AND had the wonderful suggestion to take the lone earring from the original pair and put it on a chain as a pendant. Worked brilliantly! I am so pleased with my new ‘set’ now and truly appreciate Cat’s creativity and kind customer service!

Sonya, Texas, USA

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