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Minimal and Meaningful jewellery

Celebrating the spirit of the women who wear it


acts of Kindness

Gifting with heart this year

Buying jewellery matters

It's not a half-hearted after-thought. 

Gifts of jewellery for special people and special occasions are deserving of very careful consideration. 

It really means something.  


This is why jewellery that has been made with meticulous attention to detail, passion and craftmanship makes the perfect gift.   


It is a true reflection of the magnitude of love and kindness that the recipient so rightly deserves.

Don't  Miss  it...


Get to Know me

My jewellery journey started many years ago and continues to evolve as we weave our way through life's rich tapestry.

Read more about why I am so passionate about jewellery making and why it's so much more than just a job.


Gift Guides

Make buying the perfect gift as easy as 1-2-3 with these carefully considered gift guides.

From 'little somethings' to everyday favourites and bursts of colour, there's something for everyone.


read my mind

Delve into the inspiration behind new collections, peek behind the scenes at how my jewellery is made and tips on how to care for your jewellery.

Join me on this wonderful and wild roller coaster of life, love and creativity.

New Blog Post

the hidden meaning behind the birch collection

Discover the insights into the symbolic importance of the Birch leaf talisman in this seminal new collection celebrating growth and new beginnings.



I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE THIS NECKLACE SO MUCH!  I wear it frequently and feel strong and powerful when I do, and I LOVE that it is handmade by a woman who runs her own business.  So, just in case you needed to hear this, know that what you make is powerfully loved and appreciated.  All the best to you, and much love for what you create <3 

Cassie, New Mexico, USA

I loved these pearl earrings the FIRST time I ordered a pair [previously customised for non-pierced ears).  So much that I wore them on vacation and lost one! Cat was kind enough to make a second pair for me AND had the wonderful suggestion to take the lone earring from the original pair and put it on a chain as a pendant. Worked brilliantly! I am so pleased with my new ‘set’ now and truly appreciate Cat’s creativity and kind customer service!

Sonya, Texas, USA

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