I live in Cornwall, a truly beautiful part of the world, which continues to inspire me everyday.  Not just in the beauty of the landscape and seascapes (which do indeed play a significant part in my creative process), but also in the slower pace of life here too.  When we stop to really look and appreciate the little things, we invite magic into our lives.

I want to share this magic and my sense of wonder at the natural materials I work with.  It might be the way the light sparkles off a piece of hammered silver or intricate faceting of a gem, or the myriad colours; from sumptuous royal blue Lapis Lazuli to delicate and calming Green Amethyst.  There are endless reasons to find joy in the materials Nature has to offer us and let us embrace the feel good factor they bring.


I create jewellery for all the unique and wonderful women who share with me the simple joys of colour and shape of these beautiful natural materials; born in nature, and composed in my head, my heart and with my hands.

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Gemstone & Precious Metal jewellery hand crafted in Cornwall, UK
Minimal designs that celebrate the beauty of the natural materials