I have always loved Nature in her many guises. My father was a botanist and conservationist which had a huge influence as he passed on his passion & teachings; I also inherited my creative streak from my mum and these two factors combined to enable a healthy curiosity in the natural world with a love of colour, texture, shape and art.

It was a natural progression into jewellery making in my early twenties. I love to work with my hands, especially with fiddly, tiny things, and watch them evolve into a wearable piece over the hours. It's a fabulously mindful practice which I enjoy, and which gives me exceptional pleasure when someone spends their hard-earned money on my creations.

Jewellery is something so special that is treasured, handed down for generations, and is a part of what makes you 'you'.  I create jewellery to be everyday favourites that you feel naked without, or something that makes you feel a million dollars on a special occasion.  

I am inspired by the stones themselves - whether it is the way they have been cut and faceted, or the colour or texture; I enjoy the journey of picking a gemstone up and working to show it off to it's fullest. 

I also take bespoke orders - if you have a special idea in mind that you would like me to bring into fruition, please just send me a message and we can enjoy discussing it further and bouncing round ideas together.  It's a fun way of working that I love.

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