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LifeMarker Collections

I make jewellery to embrace the duality of life – the grit as well as the lustre.  The jewellery we wear becomes both our armour and our joy at the same time.  It doesn’t need to have a singular purpose.


The jewellery we choose to wear reflects the complex nature of our lives, and hallmarks the milestones we traverse.  Pieces acquired or worn through these different chapters in our lives can embody those memories and energies; and join in on the journey.

My chapter collections below honour some of the pivotal moments many of us experience as we make our way through life, forging memories as we go - and grow.

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Marking new beginnings

Finding ease in cyclical rhythms

No grit, no pearl

When bodies tell a life story

hammered Silver Orbit circle stud earrings with ivory and baroque pearls
large contemporary ivory keishi pearl gold-filled earrings and necklace set
recycled eco silver pebble necklace, perfectly imperfect unique pendant

This necklace is perfect. Excellent craftsperson-ship. Cat is incredibly talented and you can see the piece was made with total care in mind. 

Liam, Berlin, GERMANY

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