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4 easy steps to clean and keep your gold filled jewellery sparkling and shiny

Gold filled is one of my all-time favourite finishes - if you're not sure what gold-filled actually means, then take a look here.

It is the perfect trifecta - beautiful, high quality and affordable.

And what makes it EVEN better, is just how easy it is to maintain and clean! Just a little TLC every now and then, and your gold filled jewellery will last a lifetime.

As with all jewellery, it is recommended that you don't sleep in it, or shower, swim, do athetic pursuits, etc. Just a little common sense to avoid things that might cause physical damage and strain to the piece. Jewellery can be well-made but it doesn't mean it's invincible. Just a little thought into where and when you wear it, will have a huge impact on how long it lasts for.

hands polishing a small gold filled charm using a polishing cloth

With normal use you just need to give it a wipe with a soft damp cloth every now and then.

Perhaps once a week or once a month depending on how often you wear it and the environmental conditions - is it hot and sweaty? Is it dusty or is there lots of air pollution?

There are lots of factors at play, but if you just take a moment to check your jewellery every now and then you'll soon be able to notice when it needs a little TLC.

You can also use the little polishing cloth (included in my orders) to really amp up the shine... But really, that's it!

Cleaning more stubborn dirt from gold filled jewellery

holding a small gold filled charm ready for cleaning in warm soapy water

If your gold filled jewellery gets really grimy, and dirt is getting embedded in any crevices and details, then you can give it a little wash.

Hold carefully to keep any delicate parts or gemstones away if they don't need a clean, but this could be a good opportunity to clean them too. Do take a moment to check the stone and if there's any special care you need to take - some are more delicate than others!

For a few quick tips and general advice on maintaining handmade jewellery, see my blog post here.

gentle brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush will help remove any build up of dirt and grime

Use a soft toothbrush or similar with some soapy water to remove any build up.

Brush in the direction of any details made in the metal if there are any, or gentle motions in a variety of directions should shift any residues.

Gently dry the gold filled jewellery with a soft cloth and buff to a shine

Once finished, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

enjoy your gold filled jewellery gleaming again!

Et voila! Your gold-filled jewellery is back to it's original gleam in just a jiffy.

I hope you found this helpful - do let me know by leaving a comment below, and if you want to learn more about what 'gold-filled' actually means, then click here.

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