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Unveiling the Meaning: Exploring the symbolism & gratitude in my Soul Holder Collection

My body is changing. I look down and see the lumps and lines that never used to be there. A softness that in any other guise would be applauded as inviting, voluptuous and luxurious. But when associated with our bodies, defaults to revulsion and shame.

Yet I think of how this body has carried me through life and the gratitude I feel. From a tiny baby, to growing teenager, through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Then a pandemic, divorce... not to mention the gradual and unceasing passing of time and the grind of daily adult life.

Cat Stacey sketching new ideas at the beach with a coffee and flapjack in Cornwall

So why do I look at it with such disdain?

Stretch marks that hold memories of those precious kicks of my baby, held safe as he grew inside my womb.

Softness that comes from my delight in good food. One of life's greatest pleasures. A softness that feels tender and safe for my son to wrap his arms around when he's shy or upset.

Grey hairs that glisten in the sunshine. Markers of the years that gained me insight and growth and wisdom. The emergence of my independance and soul.

This body of mine may look different to the one of my youth, but why would it? It has carried me through my almost 40 years on this earth, held my soul close, and kept me putting one foot in front of the other, often in more ways than one.

This body is a container for my life. My memories.

It is my soul holder.

Soul Holder necklace made from recycled silver
Soul Holder necklace

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