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Meaningful and Personal: The Significance of a Birthstone Necklace for a New Mum

Growing and birthing a child is perhaps one of the most radical life transformations. In a moment thrown from a life of somewhat predictability, familiarity, routine, certainty. To relentless change - whilst also navigating huge physical, emotional, chemical (hello hormones), psychological and societal change.

All of which begins even before the physical act of giving birth. An astonishing feat of endurance, perseverance, pain - and love. Then to postpartum. And every phase after that. Endless mantras of "this too shall pass".

Of course we celebrate the day babies arrive earthside, AND we can also celebrate the birth of the mother. The both enter into this world together, often screaming and bloodied, terrified and overwhelmed. Mother and child arrive together, and it truly is a day for both to be celebrated.

Birthstone necklaces hold this truth and this momentous occasion close to our hearts.

They are small in stature and mighty in meaning; birthstone necklaces make the perfect present for a new mum.

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