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My Word of The Year for 2023

For the third year running now, I am choosing a word of the year. It's an intention, a pledge, and a wish for what I hope to manifest over the coming months. Noting recurring themes, areas that require attention and compassion, or lessons that are being learnt; it is informed by paying close attention to my own personal growth in my business and in my private life. These two facets are so closely intertwined for me, so (thus far at least) my chosen words for each year reflect my intentions for all facets of my life.

With this in mind, this year in 2023 I have chosen the word "Rewrite".

rewrite /riˈraɪt/

verb : to write something again in a different way, usually in order to improve it or because there is some new information

credit: Simon Burt @ Exposure Photo Agency

Taking Action

Rewrite is very much a continuation from last years word Listen (read about it here).

In 2022 I began to relearn the process of listening to my body and my internal monologue, learning (and unlearning) how I responded to different situations, trusting in my intuition again, and using that as a driving force to advocate for myself and build confidence in the decisions I made, for both my business and my independent life.

2023 is the year I continue this into proactive intent. Stepping out from the survival mode I was in for so much of last year (not to mention the year before), and into my space, to hold with pride and with fullness. Maintaining the core trust in my values and beliefs that are such an important foundation as I rebuild my new life from the one that came before - and which has been quite spectacularly demolished. For each of the last two years I've had a significant event which were like wrecking balls, shattering my life as I knew it - but each time I rebuilt, I rebuilt stronger, and with greater tenacity and durability.

It's important that the life and business I build is authentically mine, so "rewrite" reflects my shedding of all the 'shoulds' we get so easily entangled in throughout our lives. From parenting to working, and fitness to socialising, we are bombarded with messages of what other people consider to be The Right Things To Do. I am picking my way through what does and doesn't align with me and my values, and forging ahead with the confidence that only comes when you know that deep down, something feels right.

Embracing vulnerability as a strength

'Rewrite' is a soul-promise to return to myself and those areas that have been neglected over a number of years. A salute to building my sense of agency, plus a nod to everything that has come before to enable this shift to take place. I take an intentional step forward, into the discomfort, with compassion and curiosity.

I am under no illusion that this will be easy. I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Feeling the excruciating discomfort of vulnerability, and choosing to do it anyway. The perpetual "not good enough" thoughts are pervasive but, surely, as we were not born with these thoughts, we must have learnt them, so it stands to reason that they can also be unlearnt: rewritten.

I've recently started reading Brené Brown's "Daring Greatly" which already after only a couple of chapters is resounding deeply. The thought of breaking down some of the barriers to openness and vulnerability are honestly terrifying (hello deep perfectionism and self doubt), but these walls were built to protect ourselves from hurt and criticism, and ultimately they only serve to prevent us from experiencing life fully.

As Brené Brown describes, “The origin of the word "courage" comes from the word "cour", which means heart, and it means to completely share your story with your whole heart.”

I want to share my story with my whole heart. To shake the fear of not being enough, of letting the fear win. To step out in strength, and grow, and not wait for the mythical "finished" endpoint before sharing and just doing. It will not be without it's challenges, but if these last few years have taught me anything, it's that I can survive challenges - and now I'm ready to thrive.

This year I rewrite my path, every wobbly, uncertain and absolutely bloody glorious step of the way.

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