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The hidden meaning behind the Birch collection

Why Birch leaves?

During a period of profound healing and growth moving on from a somewhat tumultuous life change last year (read more about that here), I knew I wanted to create a new collection that drew from this latent strength in myself that I had re-discovered, and to celebrate the new season in my life that was beginning.

I was stepping foot on a new path, and as leaves denote new life and growth, using a leaf shape was a natural starting point. I discovered the Birch tree is typically one of the first trees to produce leaves after Winter or indeed after a forest fire (and even after the ice age here in Britain 10,000 years ago), bringing renewal and new beginnings, thriving even in the harshest conditions.

Instantly I knew it was the right symbol to honour my journey, and countless journeys other women like me make the world over, day after day.

The more I have read into this incredible species, I have fallen more and more in love with it. It sustains life, from the hundreds of species of insects and fungi that live on and around the tree, to whole cultures and civilisations across the globe. It thrives here in the UK and has been used for centuries to ward off evil sprits and bring good fortune, to provide nourishment and medicine, to create life-giving fire, to forge tools, canoes, furniture, cooking vessels, artists charcoal... The list goes on, and on, and on.

Life seasons

Despite a quite frankly gobsmacking list of attributes the Birch tree has, it is far from the most important thing in my opinion. It got me thinking how similar that list is to how we view ourselves. We place such importance on our own academic talents or personal life milestones (that we can assign an 'achievement value' to; promotion at work, buying a house etc), and yet, that doesn't fully describe who were are as unique, complex beings that have intrinsic value as friends, parents, children, lovers, and just being our own truest, fullest selves, navigating this wonderful and similarly complex world.

The tree simply wouldn't exist in the same capacity if it wasn't able to thrive in such difficult conditions. It evolved to be able to fix nitrogen in its roots so it can thrive in poor soil conditions. And we too have evolved to learn and grow from our own life successes and challenges.

The cyclical nature of the seasons speaks to me of the different seasons that we experience in our lives. The ups and the downs, but all experiences that we learn and grow from.

Who is this jewellery collection for?

These Birch pieces are for anyone who is growing and nurturing themselves, or embarking on a new chapter. Be it a new career, a new baby, emerging from a period of grief, or perhaps like me, navigating a divorce.

This collection celebrates the Birch tree's symbol of hope and rebirth. New beginnings that step forward into perhaps an unknown future, finding your innate strength and compassion. This collection is for you. You are beautiful, inside and out, through all seasons. Just like our native Birch tree.

How is the jewellery made?

Each brass leaf is hand made and entirely unique, so no two will ever be the same. They are made to order, so each leaf is made just for you, and unique just like you.

It is a lengthy but magical process watching the brass transform from a plain sheet of metal to a beautifully intricate and detailed shape in my hands.

A tiny taste of the process - from initial shape cutting, to x5 different filing stages, sawing the points for serration and filing into shape.

These pieces are made with such love and compassion, they are a little piece of my heart and soul. May this talisman bring you strength, hope and clarity and good fortune. There is no-one else quite like you, and may you celebrate and embrace all that you are, have experienced, and have yet to experience.

View the full collection in my Etsy shop here and on the website here.

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